I am the architect of my life and I choose the right "materials" for my inner home... (Personal Development)

There are Poems in your soul that not even ink can handle them... (life)

Don't be so sure about your emotions, everything changes. Feelings are like a roller coaster (Love)

If you act like you don't have any feelings that does not mean they don't exist... (love)

Decide to look beyond the imperfections... (life)

If all your memories were erased, what kind of person would you be? (life)

With the right people you grow every day (Personal Development)

I don't fit in and its one of my unbroken values  (Personal Development)

Flower without roots, smiles without tears (life)

I was always attracted by things that could not be expressed by words but only with silence (life)

When you start to control your pen, none can touch your story (Personal Development)

In each of us there are places we never gone (Life)

I stole some of the moon's shine, so I can see you when you are not here (Love)

I did my best today. I am ready to be recharged. Tomorrow is a new Opportunity (Personal Development)

Few drops of wine on your lips is enough to make me drunk (Erotic-Love)

Its Sunset time. The time when the moon gets undressed. Same for thoughts... (Life)

Better you were just a dream than a reality tortures me every day (Love)

I longed you even before I met you (Love)

The greatest wars, won or lost are within our heads (Life)

I love even the lies you tell me in order not to lose you (Love)

If the mind is blind, do not care about the eyes (Life)

If you bury your anger & your pain, the plant will grow and the roots will uproot your soul (Psychology-Personal Development)